Very happy to be part of the new “V.b.” 5th compilation of Against the silence! Two great compilations for you to enjoy!

Read what the ATS guys had to say:


The release of our fifth compilation is now a fact. To be precise, the singular form is misleading – in reality, we have two compilations with similar features, and yet they are significantly different from each other. The basic feature linking them is their actual existence, taking into account that in order to bring them together, we have once again turned to artists and bands we have reviewed at ATS. What really sets each compilation apart is the nature of musical material included in each part – although there is no real need to discuss this at length, since it will become evident when you listen to them yourselves.

Our intention was to provide an overview of our musical explorations for this year – and we believe that we have succeeded in providing just that, at least up to a certain extent. For that reason, we should mainly extend our gratitude to those individuals who offered us one of their compositions, especially those who participated with previously unreleased tracks, offered exclusively for this compilation. Lastly, we can only say thank you to our small, yet devoted circle of friends – readers surrounding us and providing the reason for the existence of ATS… because they are the ones who make direct communication, exchange of ideas and added experience all the more worthwhile…|

HEAR the compilation HERE!



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